Ford Marverick  

The 2022 Ford Maverick is expected to be released next year as 21 prototypes are currently undergoing tests by the automaker to finalize the details included in the model. Many drivers have requested Ford to release a smaller pickup truck, which has prompted the brand to produce a "C-Pick Up." Ford released information about the production data in recent months to its investors.

Like the Ford Bronco, this new model will likely be produced and manufactured at the company's plant in Hermosillo, Mexico. Presumably, the vehicle will also have a C2 unibody platform and multiple powertrain options that make the same horsepower as the Bronco Sport. Consumers can also expect there to be similar towing power as the Transit Connect with a 1,550-pound capability. This will allow the Maverick to be one of the most powerful compact pickup trucks in the auto industry and enable it to tackle many challenges, both on and off the road.

A camouflaged pickup truck was recently in public and was tested alongside the Ford Ranger. It featured an angular body, making it look sleek and modern. The large headlights and oversized grille were additional features spotted by a Ford Stan. Photos were taken of the vehicle, which showed that the car has an expansive bed that looks large enough for carrying a lot of equipment despite its small cabin.

Ford Maverick Front View

It looks like the new Ford Maverick will be built with a crew-cab configuration and will offer drivers and passengers two rows of seats to accommodate up to five people possibly. The truck also displayed the same 17-inch Falken Wildpeak all-terrain tires you can find on the Bronco Sport Badlands. This indicates drivers will be able to add these tires onto the Maverick.

As a highly-anticipated vehicle, experts assume Ford will equip the cabin with the latest technologies in the industry. Drivers will likely have access to Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, SYNC, and even Ford Co-Pilot360 for added safety. Like other newly-released models, drivers can expect many storage compartments and cubbies to be present throughout the cabin. There's even the chance that bucket seats will be optional for increased comfort while spending time on the road.

We'll update you on any new information we obtain about the 2022 Ford Maverick as it becomes available. You can check back with us to discover more about what the new model will offer.