Ford F-550 Truck 

Considered to be the most extreme of all trucks in its "F" series, Ford's F-550 Severe Duty is a heavy-duty vehicle with impressive stability, traction, and ground clearance. The F-550, called "America's Ultimate Truck," is also easy to accessorize and customize to your heart's content. As with other Ford models, the F-550 Severe Duty can be equipped with several different add-on features to provide the power and appearance that you want in your truck.

Severe Duty Packages

Three packages are available for your Ford F-550. There is also a separate military package that you can order to customize your truck.

First Responders F-550

Stage 1

This package comes with a series of special features. It gets three-piece wheels with R20 Continental tires that are rated to a towing maximum of 7,400 pounds. The unique paint is also available for the fenders. A speed correction system is also available. A 2.5-inch lift kit gives the Ford added ground clearance, and it comes with Fox Shocks that are specially made for the F-550 Series. Zero Brake Fade rotors are standard with this model.

Stage 2

The Stage 2 upgrade package includes all the features that are available in the Stage 1 package. Additionally, this package adds an independent suspension system for all four of the truck's axles. It also has a central tire inflation system.

Stage 3

The Stage 3 package includes all of the components offered with the first two packages. Additionally, it has three-piece military-grade wheels and a third axle with a 6x6 conversion. You also have a choice between a solid and independent axle with the Stage 3 package.

Along with getting the package as a whole, you can order some parts as standalone accessories to build your ideal Ford F-550 Severe Duty truck.

Military Technology

Military Ford Conversions

Military Ford conversion accessories are also available for the Ford F-550 Severe Duty. Some of these options including Continental MPT-81 tires, a front-drive axle with an 11,000-pound rating, sway bars, brake kit with increased stopping power, over-sized front fenders made of fiberglass, off-set hubs to align the rear tires with the front ones, and Fox Shocks with a lift kit.

Custom Accessories

Along with the choices above, Ford makes standalone accessories for its F-550 series, including:

Severe Duty Ford
  • Trailer tow package
  • XL, XLT, and Lariat package
  • Gasoline or diesel engine
  • Electronic shift mechanism
  • Four-wheel drive
  • Automatic transmission
  • Custom wheelbase

To learn more about all the options available for upgrading and enhance the Ford F-550 Severe Duty, don't hesitate to contact our dealership today.

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