Neglecting Routine Oil Changes Can Damage Your New or Used Ford

Not sure when to have your oil changed on your new or used Ford? Learn when you should have it done and the importance of oil service in this short video.

Oil changes are one of the most affordable yet impactful auto services you can get. Playing a vital role in maintaining the health and safety of your car, particularly when it comes to engine function, oil changes are a crucial vehicle maintenance that shouldn't be skipped. If you're looking for an inexpensive, professionally done express oil change in the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area, Grand Prairie Ford is here to assist you. 

What Happens When You Skip an Oil Change?

Ford Oil Changes

The primary function of oil is to keep important engine components well lubricated and to assist with transferring heat away from the engine. Over time engine oil loses its viscosity (i.e., becomes runny) and becomes contaminated with debris, which is why it's pivotal to have it changed according to schedule. When you skip getting an oil change, you risk damaging your car's engine. Along with wear from excessive heat, a lack of lubrication will also create early wear and tear. 

Is Your Car Due for an Oil Change?

Our Ford oil change center in the DFW area is here to assist you with keeping your vehicle in shape and we can tell you firsthand how bad the damage gets when old oil isn't replaced on a repeated basis. Considering the thousands of dollars it can potentially cost to repair an engine, the price of an oil change is an exceptionally small expense. It really is one of the most cost-effective auto services, especially when drivers take advantage of the savings provided by our Ford oil change coupons. 

If you're currently in need of an oil change near Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, schedule an appointment at Grand Prairie Ford online. Also take a moment to view the rest of  our Ford service coupons to find savings on other services and repairs that your vehicle may need. 


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