2022 Ford E-Transit  

You may never have thought that hybrid power would transfer to a commercial van, but the new 2022 Ford E-Transit changes that perception. The Ford E-Transit is the latest addition to Ford's ever-popular Transit van lineup. The E-Transit brings with it many premium qualities, especially its fuel-saving hybrid drivetrain. You can choose from three styles of the new Ford E-Transit, including a commercial van, cargo van, and a comfortable passenger van. All have tremendous amounts of space, exceeding 480 cubic feet in the extended wheelbase versions. The Ford E-Transit can conveniently charge at home or on the road, and it has impressive payload ratings across the line.

The Ford E-Transit is one of the most innovative models in the Transit series to date. Although you can choose from several body designs, the E-Transit uses the same mechanical system for all Transit models. The Ford E-Transit sources its power from the combination of a battery and an electric motor. The electric motor, powered by the battery, provides the rear wheels with the power and traction they need. With the 2022 E-Transit, you can get up to 266 HP in your Ford, and it will reach about 317 LB-FT in maximum torque. The E-Transit has a strong engine to start with, and its high torque rating also translates to a responsive accelerator. The E-Transit can charge easily whether you are at home or driving around. It takes about eight hours to fully replenish the battery when you use a 240V power charging outlet at home. With the boost of Ford's charging station, you can charge the battery a little faster in the driveway. The E-Transit can also be powered at a public charge station. Using a DC charger at a charging station with a 115 kW charge capacity provides the E-Transit with 30 miles in range, which translates to 10 miles of charge, and 45 miles of range with a 15-minute charge. The Ford E-Transit can get up to 3,800 in payload capacity with the cargo van and nearly 4,300 pounds if you get the cutaway model.

While the Ford E-Transit has plenty to offer under the hood, its cabin is just as intriguing. The Ford E-Transit might be a work van, but it is also designed with your comfort in mind. A 12-inch touchscreen is standard on the Transit this year, and it also has the newest infotainment system from Ford called Sync 4. The Ford E-Transit also has several advanced safety features.

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