New Ford Keyless Entry

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At [Company Name] we understand that your lifestyle is very busy. There are a number of routine maintenance needs that you will require over the life of your vehicle. One of them may be resetting your keyless entry system. If you need to do this, you can do it on your own by following a few steps.

Resetting Your Ford Keyless Entry

  • Enter the factory-set five-digit code.
  • Press and release 1•2 on the keypad within five seconds.
  • Press and hold 1•2 for two seconds. You must do this within five seconds of completing step 2.
  • All personal codes should now be erased and only the factory-set five-digit code will work.

Where To Find Your Ford's Factory-Set Keyless Entry Code

You can find the factory-set five-digit keyless entry code on a wallet-sized card that came with your vehicle's owner's manual. If you're unable to locate the original card, you can refer to Ford's support page and follow the instructions based on the type of key that came with your Ford.

If you have any further questions about resetting your Ford keyless entry system, feel free to contact us at Grand Prairie Ford. We are happy to answer any questions that you have about this process or another routine maintenance item.

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