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Alliance for Greater Works Overview

Alliance for Greater Works wants marginalized communities to get the help they need to fight injustice. Unfortunately, there are many injustices that these communities face in Texas. The mission of this non-profit is "Dismantling the root causes of injustices affecting marginalized communities." It might sound complicated, and injustice certainly is complicated, but the actual work they do is practical-minded and makes an immediate, hands-on impact.

Help From Alliance for Greater Works

A non-profit's vision is essential to how they act out their causes. The idea of Alliance for Greater Works is simple. They want to create a world where everyone can live out their best selves and lives no matter how disadvantaged or marginalized. They focus on communities that suffer from social, economic, and political obstacles to success. They focus on inequality and strive to tip the scales back to equality. Equality is a lofty goal, but it's not an impossible one. With each program that this non-profit creates for these people, there's a greater chance of success and community-wide pride.

How do they do that? Their many programs reach out directly to these communities and strive to make a positive impact. For example, they have "African American Faith-Based Mental Health" programs that seek to deliver quality mental health services to mentally ill African Americans. They do workshops in rural communities that target rural mental health as well. There's a "Healing Youth Alliance" that reaches out to important community figures like educators, families, and pastors. This training is available for churches, schools, and community organizations.

A Women's Alliance is also advantageous to these communities. This program targets women and helps them train to be better suited to executive jobs (higher-paying jobs). They help specific individuals and entire organizations, always striving to help people become who they want to be. No matter how marginalized, there's a place for everyone to succeed in our society, and Alliance for Greater Works in Grand Prairie proves this fact day in and out.

More Information

You can learn more about this non-profit organization by visiting their website. You can learn about special events, ways to donate, and how they help marginalized communities recover and thrive.