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When your car is dependable, it gives you confidence when you are making a short drive, or when driving for long distances. To keep your car in a stable and reliable condition, you have to be responsible for handling it. You will need a collection of measures to achieve the durability, efficiency, and stability of your motor.

Change Filters Regularly

Regular replacement of blocked air filters of your car will not only assure fuel efficiency but also enhance proper acceleration, regarding your car model or make.

A clogged or broken air filter limits the quantity of air that flows into the car engine, causing your car engine to work harder and use more fuel. Your car engine has a continuous flow of oxygen to keep it safe and dependable.

Clean filters prolong the life of your car engine by capturing dirt and fragments from the external air, averting them from getting into the combustion chamber.

Replace Spark Plugs and Leads

Your car needs frequent servicing to keep it durable, reliable, and dependable. Servicing helps to substitute the rusted plugs and leads, which in return, enhance the effectiveness of your car engine. Spark plugs also help to know the condition of your engine. Replacing them will mean you get the proper condition of the engine and therefore know when car service is needed.

Plugs that are new but have a gap between the insulator and the electrode shows that your car is under-performing and you need some mechanical help.

Top Off Fluids Regularly

Fluids are the car's vital signs, and failure to replenish them might lead to dreadful consequences. The oil level of your car should never be below the minimum level mark; instead, a vehicle with fuel level between the minimum and maximum is safe from fault.

Your car engine oil should not be overused. Once you realize it is dirty or dark, it's time to replace it. Remember, also to check the coolant reservoir and maintain the water level to above half the tank.

Check Your Car Tires

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Checking your car tires will assure safety as it is one of the most vital parts of a car. Under-Inflated tires consume too much fuel and destroy the realms. Use the recommended pressure to avoid accidents. Remember, your tires are what keeps you far from the ground.

A well-serviced car that follows the recommended user's manual will be dependable. Making a note of small mechanical breakages or blockages will help you in keeping your car safe. You should never forget that you risk losing your life and those of your loved ones when you do not maintain your car.

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