Why Millennials Love Ford SUVs

Ford SUVs for Millennials

Millennials have done it again. They have surprised their once pessimistic predecessors by reversing a once commonly held belief amongst consumer reviewers that Millennials would prefer small economical Sedans over larger vehicles. Millennials love Ford SUVs.

As Millennials get older and are able to settle into a better financial position than years previous, they are thinking about family. They are buying homes in the suburbs, getting married, and planning on having an entire gaggle of children, just like their parents. As a result, when it comes to buying a new car Millennials are thinking ahead. More kids require more space in the car. Ford offers a great option for such Millennials in its most popular SUV, the Ford Explorer.

Technology is a Driving Force for Change

Millennials are known for having grown up during the internet age, the age in which big tech boomed like no other time in history. With that, car manufacturers have been installing these new technologies in their cars. In a Ford SUV today, not only are DVD systems common, but so are online streaming options, Wifi, and internet gaming options. In other words, you can watch your favorite DVD, stream live sports and shows, access Netflix, and play your favorite video games all from the back of the SUV.

Weekend Excursions Made Easier

Despite the wide held belief that Millennials are averse to the outdoors, many of that same generation prefer experiences over material possessions. Therefore, Millennials enjoy weekend camping excursions, Spartan races, hiking, and mountain biking. Ford SUVs are specifically designed as a hybrid between a family van and a conventional truck. So, the soccer mom vehicle during the week converts into the all-terrain vehicle on the weekends.

Safety Technologies are High Priority

Millennials are very conscious of safety concerns and potential hazards. If they can avoid a potentially hazardous event, they are likely to do so. Ford SUVs are often equipped with a host of safety features like side airbags and are more durable than other vehicle options. Ford SUVs are great for families and fun. Millennials agree. If you want to check out all the hype, come by Grand Prairie Ford and see for yourself.

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