How Often Should I Change Power Steering Fluid?

Knowing When To Change Your Power Steering Fluid

Power steering fluid is often one of the more overlooked fluids in a vehicle. Everyone knows they need to change their oil. They even know to add more wiper-fluid (although often times not until they push the button or pull their level only to reveal it being out and having to hear the lovely sound of their wipers dry-wiping across their windshield.) Of course, everyone knows about gasoline and how to replace that. However, for whatever reason, power steering fluid tends to be the forgotten component of vehicle maintenance.

How Often Should You Change Your Power Steering Fluid?

The answer to this question is less simple than gasoline or oil. Some sources will tell you that you should change it out every seventy-five thousand to hundred-thousand miles while some simply say that it should be changed every two years. The reality is, there's no real definitive answer and even the car manufacturers vary in their opinions.

Knowing When To Change Your Power Steering Fluid

However, fear not because no source is necessarily completely incorrect (or completely correct for that matter). The best advice that could possibly be given would be to meet somewhere in the middle. Either every two years or every seventy-five thousand miles (whichever comes first!), you should change your power steering fluid out.

Why Is Changing Out Your Power Steering Fluid Important?

Changing out your power steering fluid is incredibly important because of how the power steering pumps function. Power steering pumps are hydraulic pumps which put out upwards of sixteen-hundred pounds of pressure. Over years of use, the power steering fluid gets dirty along the way. Dirty fluids create vastly more friction, becoming abrasive. Dirty fluids can even go so far as to ruin the seals in the pump, or the seals on the rack, which can be incredibly expensive to replace.

What About Modern Cars?

Some modern vehicles don't use hydraulic pumps to control the power steering. Instead, they have an electric power steering assist, which uses an electric motor to control the power steering. This means that they don't utilize power steering fluid and that the entirety of this is unnecessary with them.

The process is so simple that most people could even do it themselves. However, why mess with something you don't have to? Having it done professionally and perfectly is affordable and available directly in your area. Come out to Grand Prairie Ford and have your power steering fluids changed out by a professional today!

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