What to Do If You Run out of Gas

There may come a time in your life when you find yourself stranded on the side of the highway, lamenting an empty gas tank. When you do hear that ominous sputter of gas-less car, it’s important to follow the below tips to help get you back on the road quickly and safely.

  1. Pull off the road. If you feel your car starting to lag and you notice that your gas indicator is firmly on the letter E, do your best to pull off the road. If you don’t have time, simply put on your car’s emergency lights, place the car in neutral and try to push the car off to the side.
  2. Put out any emergency flags. No matter where you are, it’s best to make yourself as visible as possible. Even if you’re on a less than busy road, it can still be dangerous if drivers don’t see you stalled on the side of the road. The best way to get noticed is to put on your hazard lights, break out your emergency flags and even pop your hood for good measure.
  3. Determine where you are. If you’re in an unfamiliar part of town or in a completely new town or city, spend a few minutes figuring out where you are. This is where you smartphone will come in handy. Simply ping your location on Google Maps or see what mile markers match your current location. SIDE NOTE: The modern age is great and all, but cell phones do have a habit of dying in the most inconvenient moments. Because of this, we highly recommend keeping a paper map in your car so you can always figure out your location, even if you forgot to recharge your phone’s battery.
  4. Call for help. Again, this is where a cell phone comes in handy (so really always keep that puppy charged while you’re on the road). While many people may try friends or family, we also recommend taking advantage of Ford’s 24-hour Roadside Assistance, which ensures help will come with a few gallons of much needed gasoline.
A Few Precautions
  1. Use extreme caution when accepting a ride from a stranger. If you find yourself unable to call for help, you may be tempted to accept help from a passing driver. In this case, always use caution. We recommend asking them to head to a local gas station, fill up a gas container and bring it back to you. We do not recommend getting into a stranger’s car.
  2. Use caution when walking. If you do decide to walk to a local gas station yourself, make sure you know 100 percent where you’re going. Also, use caution when walking and crossing various roadways.
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