Waze is Coming to Ford SYNC 3

Ford Sync 3 with Waze 

Navigation for vehicles is not exactly new news, but using Waze for navigation is an exciting new development for Ford to be used with the SYNC 3 interface. Waze is a navigation system, but it also offers so much more. It's a crowdsourcing of sorts, bringing up to date news to others using the app on the road about conditions.

Ford has decided to partner with Waze to bring integrative navigation capabilities to the Ford line. Using the SYNC 3 interface, drivers can now use the app on their smartphone but plug into the vehicle's USB port, bringing Waze up on the digital display screen. The driver or passenger can use the touchscreen for navigation, looking for accidents and reporting incidents witnessed.

Ford has been a leader in the auto industry for years, and the merging of the Waze app into Ford vehicles is going to help keep Ford in the forefront of technology and driver satisfaction.

The Waze app makes it easy to find a detour and relies on other users to report accidents, weather conditions, or other road hazards. It's been beneficial to drivers on the road and has been responsible for reporting accidents that had not yet been reported to authorities.

The driver's experience matters to the Ford brand. For people who love the Waze app, the integration into the vehicle becomes seamless. The driver can use the voice control feature for reports or request additional routes. Instead of trying to use a smartphone while driving, the phone becomes connected to the car and the app uses the sound system of the vehicle.

If you are interested in a new Ford and want to learn more about the SYNC 3 and Waze app, come visit us at Grand Prairie Ford and speak to one of our professional sales staff. Each person working for our dealership is trained in all that the Ford line has to offer drivers. Stop by for a test drive today!

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