Ford Memory Seat Location Buttons 

What Are Memory Seats?

Ford vehicles often come with something called memory seats, a comfort feature that enables you to get the perfect position for your seating and then never have to worry about it again once you find the soft spot. They're easily programmable and come in 1-3 positions that you'll be able to fixate on. Feel like a position that's a little softer? You've got it. Feel like a harder position? There you go. Ford makes it possible to program your seats, and then the seat will remember the location during your next trip. Some people find a sweet spot and never program the seats again while others like a different position every day.


The advantages of Ford Memory Seats are apparent. You're able to use the seating to get a customized perfect position every trip. Never worry again about being stuck with an uncomfortable one-position driver's seat when you buy a vehicle with Ford memory seating!

How To Program Ford Memory Seats

Programming Ford memory seats is a breeze! Here is a short rundown on how to program your seats.

  1. Find the Ford Memory Control Module: The Ford Memory Control Module is your command center for comfortable seating. Once you've found it, it's time to program.
  2. Find the two-button memory switch: Here's where you get to work. Hold the position of your preference (1-3 choices) for 5 seconds. A tone will go off, letting you know that you've been successful in programming your seats.
  3. Now you're ready to drive with your seating in that position! If it sounds simple, it's because it is. Programming Ford Memory Seats is one of the most natural things in the world, and once you get the hang of doing it once, you're all set with no strings attached.

Many people prefer Memory Seats in their vehicles. You can get them for just the driver's seat or get memory seats throughout the car, although this is likely to cost you a bit extra. Anyone who's ever had memory seats will tell you that it's well worth it to pay the extra bucks for the memory seats, especially if you have any orthopedic problems that make it difficult to drive on longer trips. You're going to thank yourself for opting in on Ford Memory Seats once you get out there on the road and start to enjoy the drive.

Troubleshooting Memory Seat Settings

If you are having trouble using the memory seat settings, you can try the following:

  1. Make sure the car is in park. Vehicles that are in gear cannot adjust the seats via the memory settings.
  2. Make sure the car is running. The car must be running with the car in park. If pressing position 1 or 2 doesn't have any affect, you may need to set a new position in memory.
  3. Try resetting by using the steps to set another position into memory.

If none of these steps work, don’t worry! We will be happy to assist you at any time with your Ford Memory Seats. Feel free to call or stop by our dealership.

Test Memory Seats Today!

Grand Prairie Ford is here to help you test out this feature. Just call today to inquire about which models include Ford Memory Seats OR browse through our website. If you haven't ever seen memory seating, know that you're in for a real treat, and during your test drive of the Ford model of your choice, we'll let you test out programming your Memory Seats so that you can see why they're right for you and your family.

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