Ford Sync 3

The Safer Side of Multimedia on the Road

Ford has risen to answer a decade-old problem on the rise: drivers who can't put their phones down. We all know that taking your eyes and hands off the road and wheel can be as dangerous to you as it is to those around you, but in this day and age, it's hard to not answer a call or peep at the message you just received. Instead of shunning this behavior, manufacturers are beginning to embrace it as a sign of the times.

This why Ford introduced the SYNC operating system for the center console. While people are used to thinking of center consoles as being mostly for the radio and cabin climate, there are new reasons to take advantage of connecting your Android or iPhone to it, and it's not just for calls and texts. What if we told you that third-party apps can now be installed directly to your car?

The idea here is that by introducing a uniform operating system across all of its vehicle models, Ford could make it easy for users to link up any smartphone regardless of brand or model. In addition, people don't just use their devices for calling and texting anymore; in fact, the majority of interaction with smart devices involves non-stock applications such as music streaming and email. By adding support for these, Ford aims to reduce the likelihood of accidents while improving driver convenience.

Getting Set Up with SYNC 3

You too can benefit from the safety and convenience of SYNC 3 by linking your tablet or smartphone to the dash console in your Ford. Doing so is a very simple process that involves a Bluetooth® connection and nothing else. SYNC 3 is more likely to work with newer Android and iPhone models, but older devices can still work smoothly with this system.

  1. Fire up your Ford and get the Bluetooth® started on your handset. You can usually find the Bluetooth® option in the quick toggles section by pulling down on the notification tray.
  3. Take a look at the center console between the driver seats and look for the Phone tab at the bottom. Tap it, and you'll find yourself in a menu.
  5. Find System Settings and select it.
  7. You'll find yourself in another menu. This time, look for Add Bluetooth® Device and tap on it. You'll arrive at a new screen while the car begins to scan for your phone.
  9. This is the tricky part. On your phone or tablet, you'll want to make sure that Bluetooth® visibility is activated. Go into the Bluetooth® settings and look for the option there.
  11. When your device is visible, SYNC 3 and your handset will recognize each other and link up. If there are any additional prompts to follow on either screen, make sure to approve them.

Come By and We'll Help

Are you having trouble with your SYNC 3 system? Are you curious to learn more about its features? Do you have any questions or interest in purchasing a Ford vehicle? Stop on by and we'll help you out! You're also more than welcome to call us with inquiries and concerns.