How to Keep a Pothole from Damaging Your Car

Potholes are a ubiquitous part of the American driving experience. Produced by freezing water weakening the pavement of our roadways, potholes are some of the most common causes of tire and car damage in the U.S. So how do you protect your car from the pothole scourge? We tell you in the three tips below.

1) Properly inflate your tires.

Having properly inflated tires is one of the most important car safety tips around, which can save you from a severe blowout or tire failure when you're driving down the interstate. But did you know that a properly inflated tire can prevent excessive tire damage as well when going up against a pothole? That’s why we suggest getting your tire pressure checked as soon as possible.

2) Keep a firm grip on your steering wheel.

When driving over a road that has a particular pothole problem, be sure to keep a strong grip on your steering wheel. The depth and angle of a pothole can cause you to lose control of your car if you hit them at higher speeds, which is why we recommend keeping a firm grip when navigating the roadways.

3) Don’t speed.

Again this is a good general safety tip, but driving over a pothole at high speeds can cause serious damage to your car. To avoid this, experts recommend driving slowly and gingerly over the pothole, without directly braking over it.

If you think your car might have suffered pothole damage, visit us at our Grand Prairie service center today!

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