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Before subscribing to an extended service plan, consider these key points. Of course, an extended service plan costs money, but a repair can also be expensive. If the cost is significant to you, then you have to compare the value of the service plan with possible repair costs. However, the safest thing to do is to opt for a service plan that covers all the maintenance required for the car.

How Does An Extended Service Plan Give Me Peace of Mind?

An extended service plan will give you peace of mind, especially when it comes to expensive parts like the engine, gearbox or fancy electronic components, especially in high-end vehicles. Paying a fortune for a repair is particularly frustrating. A service plan can protect the entire car or specific parts only.

Since the law does not specify how long an automobile should remain functional, for example, there is room for interpretation when it comes to rules related to service plans. Therefore, read the service plan contract closely. We should also check who will honor the extended service plan: the merchant himself or a third party company we do not know? An extended service plan offers specific protections.

What is Covered?

An extended service plan may cover specific parts or an entire vehicle. See if the program is a bumper to bumper or exclusion coverage plan. It is better to choose a service plan that covers the whole car rather than one that designates specific systems or components, as some items may not be included.

An extended service plan stipulates that the automobile purchased may be used for the purpose for which it is intended for a specific period (taking into account the price paid and the conditions of use of the automobile). You may not have to pay them, but consider the local costs of auto repair and consider those and not those that are charged by the dealers, when making your decision. After studying the pros and cons, you will have a real picture of the price of an extended service plan policy and whether you need it.

If the service plan provider claims exclusions when making certain repairs to your car, keep in mind that it will have to demonstrate that this the problem relates to the exclusion clause of your vehicle. However, depending on how you use the car, it may not be necessary to pay for an additional service plan. Anyone who drives much more than the mileage covered by their original car warranty may also consider it, as well as those who opt for many accessories packed with optional electronics.

Extended service plans give you added protection. It is necessary to think about the price paid, the clauses of the contract and the conditions of use of the automobile. Look for the right coverage. Every service plan is different, but there are several elements that a good service plan must offer: $0 deductible - some car service plan contracts apply a deductible to each repaired part. That said, these service plans are not free.

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If you intend to keep your vehicle for a long time, it is a great option to consider. You have to decide if it's worth it for you. Contact Grand Prairie Ford to understand more regarding how a Ford extended service plan functions.

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